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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Its been a very busy couple of weeks in Paul-land.

I spent a three week period at a secondary school in Manchester to learn what it is to be a teacher. It was a very enjoyable placement and I was amazed by how lovely the pupils were, not what I was expecting after reading a few Daily Mail headlines.

I then went to Greece for a week to enjoy the sun (it has done nothing but rain for a month in England). It got upto 38 degrees centigrade there - I got slightly pink.

But that's OK as I had decided to dye my hair blue just before I went on holiday. Blue and pink are hardly complimentary colours as I'm sure you'll understand. I'll try to get some pictures on here but in the meantime I'm sure you can use your imaginiation.

No news on the trading front - the press interest has started to die down now but I'll try to revive it over the next few weeks.

Wish me luck.