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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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The next trade is to be announced...

The One-of-a-kind, generously donated Xavi Alonso Liverpool Shirt is to be traded with an equally generous man who emailed me the other day.

He owns the site, an online trade and discussion venue for collectors and reputable dealers of various forms of memorabilia.

Anyway, onto the the trade.

The trade is for a Wayne Rooney match shirt. This may seem like a side-ways step to many readers outside of the UK; however, Wayne Rooney is quite possibly the best player of a generation, he is also much more well known than Xavi Alonso.

Alonso is a fantastic player but he keeps his head down and works hard, unfortunately that doesn't get you as well known as it probably should in a perfect world. Rooney on the other hand seems to court controversy, is in and out of the tabloids weekly and is absolutely magic to watch when he is on form.

There seems no better way to celebrate a player nowadays than with a youtube montage, enjoy.


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