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Friday, May 04, 2007

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So, I tried to post to blogger using my mobile phone yesterday. As you can see from the lack of any post: that didn't work too well.

So much for new technology.

I'll be using the good old PC from now on. They can put a camera, a videocamera, a keyboard and even a windows operating system on the phone but what's the use if you can't even post from the middle of nowhere.

I still love my new phone by the way.

For those readers in England (and maybe other places in the world) it is the May Bank Holiday weekend starting in a few minutes when everybody leaves work. It should be a nice one looking at the weather reports so I've come up with a couple of ideas for those of you who are looking for something to do.

I say that I've come up with them but really I've ripped them straight off the bhf website but they will be enjoyable all the same.

The first is a bike ride in Wimborne (Dorset) to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Entry is £15 and while it may be a little late to run around getting sponsorship, the £15 is still going to a worthy cause. It will also be a chance to get that rusty old bike out of the shed and give it what its been longing for - a bit of fresh air - it might even do you some good too.

The second event - also run by the British Heart Foundation - is a family walk around Bewl reservoir in Tunbridge Wells (Kent). It is only £3 to enter and you can walk either 3, 6, 9 or 13 miles which should be a thoroughly enjoyable stroll through a beautiful part of the world on what is looking like a glorious day (Sunday).

Whatever you plan to do, have a great bank holiday.


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